Monday, March 21, 2011

Fancy Feast Asks, "Will You Marry Us?"

In their most recent advertising, Fancy Feast delivers more than dinner for your cat; they deliver a touch of romance, a splash of love, and the promise of a dreamy tomorrow.

The ad opens with a young attractive couple walking up the steps of what turns out to be the home of the young lady's parents. You get the sense that this may be the first time her boyfriend is meeting them. As he nervously takes a deep breath, she straightens his tie and he pastes a special "meet the parents" smile on his face.

As mom answers the door, the camera pans over to a white, fluffy persian cat which is soundlessly moving down the stairs. The look on the girlfriend's face - as she cuddles her kitty - is priceless. And it does not go unnoticed by her boyfriend.

Dinner is served. Everyone is getting along fabulously. The evening comes to a successful close. Hugs and kisses go around as mom, dad and kitty bid their farewells.

The camera then shifts to the boyfriend's home, where he is hard at work renovating a room of his house. He puts the finishing touches on the room and then brings his blindfolded girlfriend into the room.

What's waiting for her as he peals the blindfold back?

An adorable little white kitten that is a miniature version of her parent's cat. This little kitten is so adorable that you can't help but smile when she bends down to tickle and caress him. She holds him up in the air, clearly delighted with her unexpected present.

Back at home, her boyfriend surprises her...
...with an adorable little kitten of her own.

But, the coup de gras is yet to come...

As she picks up the kitten, she steals a glance at its collar and tag, which asks, "Will you marry us?"

That asks ... will you marry us?

The ad ends with her holding the kitten with a little pink bow in its hair and a sparkling diamond on her hand.

From start to finish, not one word was spoken. All that existed was a lighthearted, pleasant sound track moving you from one scene to the next. 

Shall I admit to you that I actually got a tear in my eye when the proposal came? 

Thank goodness I already purchase Fancy Feast for my adorable (black) cat; otherwise, I might have to consider buying a can of dreamy tomorrows myself.

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