Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GE Acts As A Spokesman For Missing Socks

GE has gone viral with a tongue-in-cheek campaign that sheds light on one of life's greatest conundrums ... just where do all the lost socks go?  GE gets their message out to consumers through the use of a uniquely designed website, video and Facebook page.

According to their Facebook page, GE created L.O.S.S. - the Laundered and Orphaned Sock Society - to find the real cause of "sock loss" and to offer up a solution for one of society's oldest problems.  The video is quite funny, showing a protest outside a laundromat in Hoboken, NJ where demonstrators attempt to peacefully educate citizens on this pervasive problem.

The campaign is extended through a consumer-generated flyer awareness-spreading campaign which offers the hope of winning great prizes from GE.

So, just what is the ulterior motive behind this lighthearted campaign?

I put my money on GE's goal to increase awareness of the GE Center for Advanced Laundry Studies and to help consumers understand that GE takes laundry seriously ... despite its funny representation of the missing sock problem.

While I generally associate GE with fun and creative advertising, like Scarecrow and Little Elephant, this appears to be one of their early and bold moves into social media.  Frankly, I love the campaign and really enjoy the fact that GE is showing all of us that they know how to have a little fun.

But, I am left sadly disappointed that they can't help me find all my lost socks ... truthfully, I have a handful of lonely socks that have been searching for a partner for months!

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