Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Adoption Can Turn A Life Around

If you're anything like me, you really respect all the people out there that open their homes and their hearts to adoptive children. Such is the mission of Adoption Resources of Wisconsin, a nonprofit organization that "operates from the belief that all children, regardless of their needs, have the right to a permanent family."

In order to help spread the word that adoption can help "turn a life around," Serve Marketing is turning billboards on their heads throughout the state of Wisconsin.

This outdoor campaign is being revealed over time ... with phase one showing upside-down images of an adult and child. On May 2, those images will be flipped right side up and will be joined by copy which appropriately reads, "Turn a life around." Drivers will be directed to fosterparentsrock.org to learn more about how they can become an adoptive parent or a foster parent.

According to Gary Mueller, from Serve Marketing:

"Nothing is right when you live in that world, 
so we've taken the upside-down world of kids
and applied it to every part of the campaign 
to create an emotional connection and 
inspire more adults to become foster parents." 

As an adjunct to this campaign, Serve and Adoption Resources of Wisconsin encourages you to filip your own profile picture upside down on Facebook.

So, go ahead, flip out! And change a child's life forever.

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