Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Foundation for a Better Life Passes It On

According to The Foundation for a Better Life, the values we live by are worth more when we pass them on. Their belief is that - at their core - all people are basically good.

But, unfortunately, all too often the pace of life takes over and we forget to pass on our goodness to others. Sometimes ... we just need a little reminder to open our minds and our hearts. 

The Foundation for a Better Life provides that reminder in their recent TV campaign.

What began as a kernel of a good idea has blossomed to global proportions. Feel-good ads like the ones on honesty and on offering encouragement to others are now seen in over 200 counties, in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Award-winning artists and writers like Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Josh Groban, and Randy Travis have donated their music to this campaign ... promoting positive change around the world.

Viewers of the advertising are directed to The Foundation for a Better Life's website,, where messages of hope, love and encouragement are shared with readers.

In a time when our world news is dominated by disturbing images of war, deadly tales of natural disasters, and crimes of epic proportions, it is uplifting to see an organization enlighten and inspire us all.

So, instead of holding all your goodness inside your heart, take a lesson from The Foundation for a Better Life and pass on a piece of your kindness to others.

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