Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Black Friday Could Have Small Businesses Giving Thanks To Google and American Express

Small businesses rejoice!
- Are you a small business that would love to extend the reach of your business?
- Do you think your small business has a big story to tell?
- Are you handy enough to film a short video?

Well, then the current promotion being sponsored by Google and American Express is right up your alley.

Together, they have launched a program called, "My Business Story." Small businesses are encouraged to create a video which talks about the following:

- The role their business plays in their community
- The superb customer service they offer their clients
- An innovative angle that differentiates their small business from competitors

Tell your story on YouTube and you might just be one of 36 lucky winners to win a $5,000 online ad campaign (search, banners, videos) free of charge. Even better, your business will be featured on the front page of YouTube on 11/25, more commonly known in the shopping circles, as "Black Friday."

Now that's something to give thanks for.

Check out the details of this promotion at their website and on the video below and, be sure to get your entry in by 11/15.

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