Sunday, November 13, 2011

U Rah Rah Buffalo ... Or Is That Verizon?

Aggie Football / State Farm Insurance
Have you noticed lately how every professional and college sports team seems to be selling out to the highest bidding brand?

What has happened to the days of old ... the days when branding your favorite sports team was more than enough?

I have no doubt that the added revenue to the sports program (especially at the collegiate level) is a big coo, but I must admit that I find it somewhat distracting when I am listening to a coach talk about his team's performance to see brands like Verizon, Toyota and others winking back at me from the TV screen.

What is the goal here ... to walk away remembering the Iowa Hawkeyes or to walk away remembering Alliant Energy?
Iowa Hawkeyes / Alliant Energy
Buffalo Bills / Verizon

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