Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yoplait Serves Up Sunshine

With 40 flavors to choose from, Yoplait has been focusing much of their recent advertising on the variety of different tastes you can get from one little red (or blue) container.

The most recent ad communicates this message through an array of brightly colored umbrellas, sunshine breaking through the rain and a catchy tune that declares:

I'm thinking sweet.
I'm thinking new.
I'm thinking happy.
And I think that you should too.
I'm thinking yellow.
I'm thinking blue.
I'm thinking all these brilliant colors shining through. 

I loved this commercial on so many levels. While it was a :60 spot I found it so engaging that it felt more like a :30.

And who doesn't like umbrellas?

They seem to pop up all over Pinterest, striking a positive chord with many women. Whether used in rain or shine, all kinds of things happen under umbrellas: romance, dancing, fancy drinks, artwork, smiles, fashion and, of course, rain.

As a loyal Yoplait buyer, I'm really tickled they have created such a memorable and engaging ad.

My only criticism is focused on their less-than-inspired tagline of "Yoplait. It is so good." While I understand they are communicating a double entendre of tastes good and is good for you, it does not feel differentiated versus other yogurts or, for that matter, versus a slew of products in other categories.

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