Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Gerber Generation ... Flip Book Style

When you think of iconic brands in America that stretch back over the decades, Gerber is one that will inevitably be mentioned. Sometimes, you'll even hear Gerber's name surface in pop culture, as in: "He's so cute - he could be a Gerber baby!" -or- "Look at those cute little Gerber cheeks he has!"

But, while a legacy brand has much to offer in the way of history, it can also conjure up images of being "old-fashioned" or "my mother's brand." That's okay, if your mom is still the primary target for the brand; but, in the case of Gerber, newborns and toddlers grow up (rather quickly, some say), ushering in a whole new generation of Gerber babies every few years.  So, in order to remain relevant to today's families, Gerber has to make sure that their message is still meaningful.

I'm sure some version of this very discussion occurred at Gerber as they set out to create a new television campaign designed to contemporize their brand.

Their most recent campaign treats you to a flip book style of all different, shapes, sizes and colors of Gerber babies. Do you remember what flip books are? According to Wikipedia:

"A flip book or flick book is a book with a series of pictures 
that vary gradually from one page to the next, 
so that when the pages are turned rapidly,
the pictures appear to animate 
by simulating motion or some other change."

What I found particularly endearing about this visual flip book is that the copy and pictures are in synch with each other.

Say hello to the Gerber Generation:  babies wave
They have some big news to share:  arms are spread wide
The nutrition children get in the first five years:  faces soiled with food
Can affect their health forever:  clapping hands
Think about that:  point their finger to their head
Together, we can create a healthier generation:  flex muscles
And it all starts with you:  point to you

Great campaign. Every time I see the ad, I notice something new ... and even if I didn't, I am enraptured with all the smiling faces of the adorable babies and toddlers. Gerber has extended this campaign to Facebook, the Gerber YouTube channel, and their website

Now, maybe when you think of the Gerber brand, you will think of happy, healthy children who are redefining the next generation of Gerber kids.

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