Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Korean Air Travel Beckons You To Fly With Them

Korean Air Travel serves up a new global TV campaign that is soft, elegant and inviting. Using Tiffany Blue as the common color across ads not only helps to unify the campaign but also portrays an overall aura of sophistication.

Korean Air's new ads bring their tagline - Excellence in Flight - to life in a series of stunning ads (#1 and #2) that beckon you to join them on their journey to exotic lands like Vietnam, India, Seol, Shanghai, Paris, and Brazil.

Korean Air provides a whiff of the flight attendants of yesteryear, as beautiful exotic women very nearly prance down an imaginary runway. It conjures up images of the 2003 movie "View From The Top," when flight attendants were still young, curvy, and beautiful and their jobs were coveted by all young beautiful women.

Wonderfully shot ad; sensual music; imagery that supports the selling message. Great ad!


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