Monday, July 11, 2011

Germany: Apple Transcends Language Barrier

While in Munich, Germany on Friday I saw the above ad on the side of a fabulous old historic building. Interestingly, the building was being renovated, so a sheet was placed over the entire side of the building ... then an artist's rendition of the building was pictured, along with the iPad 2 ad. Very clever.

In this ad, Apple chose to use the universal language of visual images. The only words that viewers saw were iPad 2. A visual of the product and a rainbow of different colored cases was shown beneath it.

It would appear that Apple has transcended language and cultural barriers. Regardless of what country you come from, we have all become accustomed to the common language used by Apple in their advertising ... a white background, a colorful product visual, the Apple logo, and the brand name of the product being advertised.

How many brands can you think of that can eloquently sell their products around the world, without any copy? It's quite a feat.


  1. Pity Apple cannot break the language barrier on Regional iTunes/Apps stores!

  2. Have you struggled with language barriers in their stores?


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