Tuesday, August 17, 2010

eHarmony Trumps Up the "Real" Factor

What better way to get you to believe in the power of eHarmony than to inspire you with real life stories and real life romances? With ten years in business under their belt, eHarmony does just that on their website, encouraging visitors to learn a little bit more about couples that met on eHarmony.

Like Adam and Julia who found out that they had a million things in common and lived just 5 minutes from each other.

Or Eli and Stephanie whose fathers were both pastors and who shared a passion for service to others and travel. Their wedding was officiated by their dads.

Or like Mary and Gerry both widows and around 60 years of age, who now have found a reason to laugh again.

eHarmony has found a way to let the art of storytelling market their brand. The stories are accompanied by tantalizing photos of couples laughing, smiling, hugging, and kissing. Even those that are not romantics at heart will have a hard time not feeling a glimmer of hope when they immerse themselves in eHarmony's "Real Couples" campaign.

Great insight into people looking for love ... as long as this doesn't turn out to be as "real" as WWF!

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