Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shards 'O Glass Freeze Pops

In this new television campaign, consumers are brought into a factory where Shards 'o Glass Freeze Pops are being made. Absurd? Of course, that is the intention of the campaign. But, they don't let you in on the secret until the very end of the commercial ... that this ad is sponsored by the Truth campaign.

Just what is the Truth campaign? In this ad, viewers are encouraged to visit When they do, they find that they have been redirected to the Truth campaign's website, the largest national youth-focused anti-tobacco education campaign in existence.

I get where they are going with this campaign ... selling Shards 'o Glass Freeze Pops to kids is about as ludicrous as selling tobacco to kids.

But, a few things bother me with this ad. Beyond the fact that cigarette companies no longer advertise to kids, I am just not sure that this type of campaign will effectively stop children from smoking. Let's be honest - kids know that smoking is bad for you. But, they choose to do it anyway.

It may be necessary to be considered cool or part of the in crowd.
It may be an act of defiance against parents.
It may satisfy the need to be experimental.
It may make a kid feel like they are pulling the wool over someone's eyes.

Whatever the reason, kids smoke DESPITE the fact that they know it's bad for them. So, my question is focused on whether this ad will be effective in persuading current smokers to stop and future smokers to never start.

This one will be an interesting one to track over time.

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