Monday, August 16, 2010

Hold the Bus? No. Stop the Train!

Scott Walker, Republican gubernatorial candidate for the state of Wisconsin, is leading the polls for state governor by seven points. His new ad is causing a lot of chat, with news sources like Time, Fox News, PBS, The Atlantic, and The National Journal all throwing their two cents into the discussion.

His topic? Stop the train. Literally. He promises taxpayers that if he becomes governor, he will permanently derail the high-speed rail link between Milwaukee and Madison, currently scheduled to cost taxpayers $810 million in federal stimulus money and $10 million in annual maintenance fees.

Walker has dedicated a few websites to his quest at and These sites are amazingly pointed, laying out the consequences of proceeding with this train line to the average Joe.

His TV commercial is a series of splices between President Obama and Scott Walker talking frankly about the train. (Obama's comments are spliced from speeches that have nothing to do with a train line coming to Wisconsin!!) In his commentary,
Walker plays directly into the hands of the working man - an area traditionally considered to be fertile ground for Democrats.

While I find this campaign to be a bit hard-hitting, I also find it refreshing. I sense authenticity in Scott Walker's message. He not only shares facts, but he expresses heart-felt passion to do what's right for the state of Wisconsin.

Evidently, other Wisconsites agree.

P.S. I wasn't able to find Facebook or Twitter accounts linked to either "No Train" or "Brown Bag Movement" and with a common name like Scott Walker, I even struggled to find his Twitter account.)

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