Saturday, October 16, 2010

Clorox Green Works Surprises

Brand Channel announced this week that Clorox Green Works is now the #1 natural cleaner in the U.S. Is it just me or is there something a little hinky about that? I can't help it but when I think of Clorox, my mind immediately drifts to bleach. And bleach - to my way of thinking - is about as far away from "natural" as you can get.

That being said, you do have to admire the Clorox folks. In coordination with International Walk to School Month, Clorox Green Works is sponsoring a Walk to School Challenge for elementary and middle school students and their families.

Clorox encourages kids to sign up on their Facebook page to pledge to walk or bike to school during the month of October. The carrot?  Being healthy might just lead to your school winning one of five $5,000 grants.

According to Brand Channel, "The overall goal of the Green Works campaign is to promote kids and families adopting healthier lifestyles, with the eco-friendly byproduct of reducing air pollution by promoting walking over driving to school."

I love the idea that a major CPG company is inspiring kids to get out and walk. What better way to start the day off then to get some fresh air and some exercise? A possible side effect may be students that are more mentally alert and stimulated during the school day.

So, for me, what started out as a possible negative turned into a well thought-out social media campaign that just may have a positive effect on lowering childhood obesity in the U.S.

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