Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jell-O Makes Happy Happen


Jello-O has launched a fun Facebook campaign, called The Jell-O Happy Appy. They encourage visitors to their Facebook page to either "Share Your Happy" by uploading your own happy picture or to "Explore the Happy" by looking at other people's happy pictures.

The first thing I noticed when I came to this page was that the happy little red creature featured in the Hello Jell-o logo has been created from all the photos uploaded to the site. The visuals appear to constantly change as more and more photos are added. So, at any point in time, your photo or the photo of a friend just might find its way on to Jello-O's Facebook page.

So, I asked myself, "Will I become happier by looking at these happy photos?"

In theory, of course, the answer would be yes. But, unfortunately, most of the photos that have been added to the Facebook page didn't make me smile. They were just the kind of photos that you might have snapped at a family outing. Gees Louise ... some of the people in the posted photos even look sad.  :-(

But, then once in awhile you uncover a real jewel .. you feel the edges of your mouth starting to creep up towards the sky and then it happens ... you break out into a smile that warms your heart.

Like the one that Shannon B. posted of her little boy in a red and black flannel shirt sitting next to his Yellow Lab by the Christmas tree or Christine J.'s photo of a little boy snuggling his adorable, fluffy dog or the one by Stephanie D. of her little girl getting a kick out of life. (There's a theme here isn't there? Kids and dogs!)

And, truly, at the end of the day, who am I to define someone else's happiness? And, that's the whole point behind Jello's campaign, isn't it?  Jell-o would love to share a bit of happiness with you - no matter how you define happy.

So, go out and make "happy" happen for you today.

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