Saturday, October 2, 2010

Never Ever Shake a Baby

Serve Marketing, a Milwaukee-based advertising agency, exclusively focuses on creating breakthrough advertising that helps nonprofits get their message heard.

The creative director, Gary Mueller, tells a story about a visit from his boss a few years ago. She asked him to create an ad that could be heard only one time and never forgotten. Easy, right?

Well, it turns out she had a darn good reason for asking Gary to do this nearly impossible task. You see, the number of children treated at the local Children's Hospital for shaken baby syndrome had jumped from 17 in 2007 to 30 in 2008. That was 30 children that had either been killed or permanently disabled as a direct result of being shaken.

So Gary set out to create that absolutely unforgettable ad.

Rather than only focusing on the creative - which some creatives do - Serve Marketing paid attention to both the ad and the medium in which it was delivered. Gary created a radio ad that was clearly unforgettable but that he knew people would have difficulty listening to. So, he went to every radio station in town and convinced them all to run this radio spot at precisely 7:40 am on a Friday. During rush hour that morning, every single person who had the radio on heard the Shaken Baby Association's PSA. And if they didn't like the baby crying and switched the station, guess what they heard? The same baby crying.

In the seven months prior to airing the ad, 26 cases of shaken baby syndrome were reported by area hospitals. In the four and a half months that followed, only ONE shaken baby incident was reported.

Remarkable results.
Remarkable agency.
Remarkable cause.

See more at Serve Marketing's website.

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  1. oooooh!! i don't know this up to now. it's really dangerous like this? i think there are not many people know about it!


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