Friday, October 15, 2010

What Apple Ads Do You Think Are Real Duds?

It is true that brands that have a lot of money can do a whole lot more with their advertising. They can rack up production costs by hiring the best directors, the best producers, the best talent. They can go to exotic places for their photo shoots. They can blow their message out to their target using traditional, nontraditional, and social media. They can sustain their advertising flight for as long as it takes to attain the reach and frequency they're looking for.  They can simultaneously target multiple types of consumers. All because they have a very large and abundant advertising budget.

But money alone does not guaranty that an ad agency will create great ads that break through the clutter, command attention, and motivate the target to buy. Advertising remains a largely artistic endeavor. And, as we all know, art is viewed differently by different people.

So, it's amazing when you begin to look at a wide range of Apple's advertising ... and you see one great ad after another. Whether it's for the Nano, the iPad, the iPhone, or the Air Laptop, Apple seems to get the equation right time and time again.

That's not to say that Apple doesn't product duds from time to time. They do. But, more often than not, they produce ads that are engaging and memorable. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the Nano ad in the past several weeks. Yet, every time I see it, I find myself watching the screen and humming along to the catchy little tune.

So, I'm going to ask for a little help here. Post links to Apple ads that you think lacked the WOW factor. Ones that you saw and thought, "What?"

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