Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hallmark Allows You To Become A Historian

This holiday season, Hallmark has launched a series of recordable books ... so that no matter where you are, you can be there for the special child in your life at story time.

There's an even more interesting twist to this new line of Christmas favorites. Now, you can have a treasured member of your family record a message that will last for all time. 

I have to credit my sister, Patti, with this brain child. She had my mother and father (89 and 84 years of age), along with her and husband, record Twas the Night Before Christmas for her new grandchild, Owen. 

That got me to thinking ... what a terrific way to preserve history.

As much as I have almost succeeded in deluding myself into believing that my parents are immortal, the cold hard reality is that they won't be with us for many more Christmases. What really saddens me is that it is unlikely that my grandchildren will ever get to know how great my mom and dad are and what kind of impact they have had on my life, and ultimately on their life.

But now, Hallmark has provided the opportunity for future generations of my family to preserve a piece of their ancestors forever. A living, breathing piece of our family tree. 

For me, the magic of Christmas has just come alive. And that truly makes me smile.

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