Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Havaianas Beckon You To Brazil

Flip flops. 
The epitome of summertime.
Strolls along the beach.
Summer parties and picnics.
Laughter in the air.
Friends all around you.
A calm, carefree attitude.
Long days.
Longer nights.

Brand doesn't really matter.
All flip flops are created equal.
They all look the same.
They all fit the same.
You can only offer so many colors.
So, why pay more for a brand name?

This campaign changes your thoughts.
Havaianas are objects of desire. 
They beckon you to Brazil.
You smell the scents of the rainforest. 
You feel the waves on your feet.
You feel the sun warming your body.
Who would want an imitation?
Only Havaianas will do.
There is no substitute.

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