Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Master Card Street Art Is Priceless

For those who live in Washington D.C. or Atlanta, taking the train to work has just become a bit more interesting.

A partnership between MasterCard and SunTrust Bank hopes to convince consumers that a new MasterCard branded Check Card from SunTrust will provide them the financial freedom they need to buy just about anything they want, whether it's a technologically advanced digital camera, a cool tricycle for their kids, barbells to get in shape, or a fancy new pair of high-heeled shoes.

Interestingly, this street art goes beyond merely entertaining passersby. Most of the displays have scannable bar codes which, when scanned, immediately take the consumer out to a microsite to take advantage of the "Overwhelming Offer" of the day. This new check card also allows consumers to go to a special website where they can shop for a variety of items at a 20-30% savings.

I wonder how many people have tried to crawl up on that tricycle to have their picture taken? I would be tempted....

Note: Thanks to MediaPost Publications for the head's up on this campaign.

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