Friday, December 17, 2010

VISA: Never Miss A Super Bowl Club

Meet Tom, Don, Bob, and Larry. They have never missed a Super Bowl. Ever. That means 44 times they have flown to the city where the Super Bowl has been held. 44 times, they have coughed up the cost of the ticket, air fare, hotel, rental car, and food. 44 times, they have hung out together for the whole weekend. 44 times, they have cheered for a team, oftentimes not their own.

Wow!  Now that is impressive.

Evidently, Visa thought so, too, since they created a series of commercials and a Super Bowl contest - Super Bowl Trip for Life Sweepstakes - around these four pals.

Visa did some research around this event to make sure they were scoring big with the sweepstakes idea. Results of the Visa survey revealed that they were right-on-the-money with their decision. In fact, it was downright surprising - even disturbing - what fans claimed they would miss or postpone to be in the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday.

- 77% would miss work or class
- 71% would miss their own birthday party
- 46% would postpone their vacation
- 17% would postpone their wedding (maybe indefinitely with that move!?!)
- 9% would actually miss the birth of their child!


So, get ready Visa users, because one of you will be at Cowboys stadium on February 6, 2011 ... and for as many years after as you are physically able.

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