Sunday, August 28, 2011

Milwaukee Opens Doors To Tourists

A peculiar sight beckons pedestrians as they stroll through the streets of downtown Milwaukee these days. Doors are randomly placed on sidewalks throughout the city, standing like soldiers guarding numerous buildings and street corners.

As you walk by, you hear the buzz around town ... what is that door doing there? Does it say anything on it? What are they advertising?

The doors beg to be noticed and to be chatted about.
A QR code on each door unlocks the mystery surrounding these doors.

On September 24-25, Doors Open Milwaukee, presented by Historic Milwaukee, Inc., will provide a special treat to residents and tourists. Nearly 100 buildings around town will be open for their viewing pleasure. 

Some of the sites on tap for visitors include a bird's eye view from U.S. Bank’s 41st floor observation deck, an inside look at the Bradley Center locker rooms,  a peak behind the curtains at the Pabst Theater,  an educational tour of the Jones Island Water Reclamation Facility to see how Milorganite is made, a historic stroll through Irish Tory Hill and the Third Ward, history aboard a bicycle on the Hank Aaron Trail, an illuminated Milwaukee by night, and the redeveloped splendor of the Pabst Brewery complex.

Nice guerrilla marketing tactic from the city that made Samson famous.

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