Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prague Launches "No Shit!" Ad Campaign

In a recent move to clean up the parks in Prague, Prague 7 launched a new print campaign.  Its message is rather simple:

Shit is not a cool brand.
Clean up after your dog.

Three print executions simply and cleanly - well not exactly cleanly - illustrate the dreaded look of your tennis shoes after unexpectedly walking through doggie doo.

Prague 7 extends their print campaign to their Facebook page. Judging from the guest posts on the site, 212 people gave a thumb's up to the campaign, offering up their words of wisdom regarding this eloquent campaign:

"eewwww hahahaha great one! :D"
"Very clever!"
"Love the idea. It's a shitty business..."

And my personal favorite ... "Dirty genius!"

Now the question of the hour is this, does this ad speak to the poor souls that inadvertently walked through the doggy doo or does it speak to the dog owners who are shirking their dog poop scooping responsibilities?

I vote for the latter.

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