Thursday, August 18, 2011

With Chevy, Emotions Run Deep

I was watching TV the other night when a commercial came on that instantly grabbed my attention.

The spot opens with a garage owner telling his customer the "news" ...

"I've got good news for you, kid.
You're getting a new truck. 
It's going to cost more than it's worth. 
Besides, the truck's older than you."

My first thought at this point was to wonder when it is ever good news that your car has just reached its final resting place. Vehicles are so expensive these days that few of us are ever financially able to flippantly take an out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new attitude.

But, that's exactly when the rational side of my brain shut down and my heart took over the analysis of this commercial.

After being told to grab his stuff from the truck, the young dad silently moves towards his old, well-worn truck. He opens the glove compartment and pulls out a picture nestled safely inside, holding it up into the light to gaze fondly at the picture of his father and himself as a little boy.  They are proudly standing in front of their brand new Chevy truck ... the same one currently awaiting delivery to the car graveyard.

He gazes fondly at the picture, clearly with a mind at war with the news he has just heard. The camera pans to a check being written for an undisclosed amount. He hands it to the station owner and utters three simple words that seem to have the same impact that "I love you" would have on a smitten lover ... "Just fix it" he says, and then joins his wife and son as they walk off into the sunset.
The last frame appears telling the viewer, Chevy Runs Deep.
I am such a fan of brand storytelling. I truly believe the most effective way to sell a product is to emotionally involve the viewer in the brand experience.

Congratulations to Chevy for a wonderfully powerful and engaging commercial.  

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