Friday, September 9, 2011

Corona Finds The Beach Again

On November 4, I blogged about the latest Corona advertising, imploring that they "bring back the beach." Around that time, they had diverted from their decades-long advertising strategy of always being set on the beach to a new campaign centered on the notion of "Find Your Beach." While it was a bold move, the commercial seemed to fall short of the magic of their previous campaigns.

On opening night of the NFL season this fall, when the Green Bay Packers dominated the New Orleans Saints, Corona Extra returned to TV with a new "Find Your Beach" campaign. All visages of the previous year's campaign were pleasingly absent, with the sole exception of the tagline. Instead, the brand found an interesting and effective way to straddle the old campaign, while injecting new life into the brand.

The ad begins in a very traditional manner for Corona. A man is relaxing on a beach, lazily enjoying his Corona, when a woman appears, pulling a drink cart across the sand. Suddenly, she magically morphs into a flight attendant who rolls up to the man, now seated on an airplane, and asks, "Are we doing okay here?" As he confidently replies, "absolutely," the flight attendant turns her attention to the woman directly across the aisle.

The woman, definitely taken with the calm demeanor of the gentleman, tells the attendant to bring her a Corona. As they tip their bottles against each other across the aisle, they magically transport from the airplane back to the beach. Super comes up: Find your beach.

I believe Corona has successfully extended their brand beyond the beach that had somewhat pigeon-holed them over time. It's nice to see that Corona is acting like the leader they are.

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