Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Tree That Rained Skittles

Experience the Rainbow...

Prior to the invention of that wonderful little candy, Skittles, we only had the opportunity to "experience the rainbow" when the raindrops dried after a sultry summer storm.
Then in 1974, a British company found the proverbial pot of gold when they unlocked the magic of a new candy called Skittles. Five years later, it made its debut in the United States and the hard coated colored candy wormed its way into the hearts of people coast to coast.

But, that's not where the fairy tale of the Skittles story ends.

Through years of brilliant 360 degree branding, Skittles has invited all of us - young and old, friendly and curmudgeon, introvert and extrovert - to join the revolution and to experience the rainbow through their website, print advertising, TV advertising and Facebook

But, by far, the coolest of all branding efforts falls into the category of nontraditional advertising. And my favorite in this category resoundingly lies with the Skittles Gifting Tree.

According to Evolution Bureau, the genesis of this nontraditional campaign was this: Skittles fans - over 5 million fans strong - were given three choices: 1) A Skittles Gifting Tree, 2) An Elevator Mariachi Band or 3) a Moon-Walking Tubesock. 

"After a fierce 72-hour battle,
consisting of over 46,000 votes,
there was a clear winner.
The agency had 24 hours to create a Skittles Gifting Tree. 
The entire production was shot, edited and redistributed 
through the Skittles community on Facebook."

Sure beats the heck out of raining acorns, doesn't it?

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