Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sears Eyes Up Raccoons

The spot opens with a woman in her backyard, dressed in a bathrobe, calling for her kitty. Over and over again, she calls out, "Kitty. Here Geezer. Kitty."

A raccoon appears from the fringe of her yard. As it saunters towards the woman, she declares in a childlike voice, "Just come snuggle with mama," ushering the cat into her home.

As your mind is wondering what this ad could be about, the scene shifts to a super that reads:

Missing something?

Ah...the light dawns.  Sears Optical is the sponsor of this rug pull.

The viewer is treated to a scene of the woman snuggling in bed with the raccoon nestled at the foot of the bed. The final super reads, "Sears Optical: Don't Miss a Thing."

I love commercials that deliver an unexpected surprise and that's what this ad did for me. Unfortunately, however, the intrigue and humor of the ad did little to convince me to shop at Sears Optical for my glasses ... even if you can buy two pairs for $99.99.

Sorry Sears.

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