Friday, September 16, 2011

Southwest Airlines Makes The Right Call

Opening night of the NFL season.
New Orleans Saints versus my beloved Green Bay Packers.
You can feel the sizzle in the air.
You can see the anticipation of the spectators in the stands.

In some ways, the anticipation for the advertising on that first night of football was almost as exciting as the game itself. (Okay, that is a bit of an overstatement, but I was looking forward to the ads.)

One of the first ads of the night was a storyline we've heard before ... at Southwest Airlines, bags fly free. Like the other ads in the campaign, this one focused on the baggage handlers out on the tarmac acting like the Gestapo, hunting down those big, bad airlines that so boldly and blatantly charge their travelers up to $120 round trip in baggage fees.

There was a bit of a twist to this commercial, however, in celebration of the opening NFL season.

A group of three handlers, with orange and silver striped vests (as opposed to the customary black and white striped referee shirts), throw a yellow penalty flag on the tarmac ... stopping an in-transit vehicle in its tracks.

The group quickly huddles, eager to decide the fate of the driver. Their call?

Unnecessary bag fees.
That's a low blow.
(ba dump bump)

Even though this campaign may be close to reaching its wear-out, I still got a kick out of it (get it? a kick, as in football?). And, all corny kidding aside, I love the fact that bags fly free on Southwest Airlines. That message will never reach its wear-out.

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