Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Tour de Farms" Bike Ride Misses Opportunity

There is a widespread U.S. phenomenon to lean local when it comes to buying produce. Farmer's markets have sprung up around the country, with an increasingly larger percentage of consumers helping local farmers by serving their families fresh produce. At the same time, fresh local produce helps our environment by transporting produce a few miles as opposed to hundreds of miles across the U.S. or even thousands of miles from foreign countries before being served at your kitchen table.

Braise Restaurant in Milwaukee, chose to marry America's love of local farm food with a call to action to participate in a healthy and educational bike ride called the "Tour de Farms." For $75, bikers had the opportunity to tour a number of local farms, learn about farming operations and sample freshly grown local food.

Cramer-Krasselt offers up some interesting print ads, which combine bicycle parts with fresh vegetables. The ads are clever and engaging. They quickly and eloquently communicate the intended message.

But, despite C-K's efforts, there is a gargantuan missed opportunity with this campaign. Surprisingly, there is another ride called "Tour de Farms" which took place a few months earlier in neighboring state, Illinois.  The whole purpose of this bike ride was to benefit the National MS Society. 

It seems like a giant misstep that the same event name was used and that Braise Restaurant missed out on a stellar opportunity to extend their locavore lifestyle towards helping their community.
Overall assessment? Great print ad campaign, but missed social marketing opportunity.

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  1. These pictures are fantastic. We would love to use them for a charity bike ride we are doing to fund-raise for a bike stop at a local sustainable farm. Do you think the artist would be willing to share them?


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