Sunday, January 2, 2011

AirTran Allows You To Leave The Babies

This AirTran commercial is certainly not new; but, what is so surprising is that I laugh every single time I see it ... and that's probably been about 20 times!

As the yellow taxi cab pulls up to their house, mom gazes into the eyes of her twin babies and excitedly proclaims, "Grandma and Grandpa are here!"  She runs to the door to welcome her elderly parents and gushes, "We are SO glad you could make the trip," handing one of the twins off to grandma. She, too, is excited thanking her daughter for sending her and grandpa airline tickets so they could visit the new babies.

You are left with a happy family feeling ... grandma and grandpa have come to visit and the three generation family is going to have a wonderful time together.

Well, not exactly.

The husband drops the second twin in the hands of grandpa and hurriedly moves their luggage into the vacated cab.  "We'll call you when we land," they yell as the cab squeals off en route to the airport.

As the enormity of what is going on dawns on grandpa, he shuffles down the street after the cab yelling, "Don't leave us with the babies! Don't leave us with the babies!"

I guess those free tickets don't look so good after all, huh gramps?!?

AirTran's messsage? Our tickets are so cheap, you can afford airline tickets for you ... and your babysitter.

Now if only that were true...

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