Thursday, January 6, 2011

AirTran Fuzes a Partnership

Recently, on an AirTran flight to Phoenix, the flight attendant handed me my drink; not surprisingly, she handed me a napkin at the same time. But when I looked at the napkin, I was surprised ... it was a product advertisement for Fuze beverages.

In all my years of flying, the only brand advertisements I ever remember seeing (other than for the airline) have been related to cause marketing. You know the drill, buy brand x and we'll donate $x to charity x.

But, this was something different. It definitely caught my attention. And what was even cooler, was that if the advertising whet my appetite, the napkin told me, "Ask your Flight Attendant for Fuze Peach Mango or Strawberry Melon." Advertising linked to the potential for immediate product sampling.

Oh - and by the way - the headline of the ad didn't escape my attention either. "High and dry?" Nice pun Fuze.

Only one question. Were the business travelers sitting all around me on the plane the right target for Fuze? Just a guess, but it seems that Fuze may skew a bit younger.

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