Monday, January 24, 2011

AT&T Lets You In On The Joke

Have you ever felt left out of a joke?

Such is the case with the latest commercial from AT&T.

A carpool full of business people are driving along, when one man's phone dings. Ah, a message has arrived!  He opens the message and breaks into uproarious laughter ... all while his  business associates sit by numbly, wondering what is so hilarious.

Moments laughter - after their messages download on to their phones - they simultaneously break out into riotous laughter. 

Only then are we let in on the joke. The voiceover tells us, "Don't be left behind. AT&T - the nation's fastest mobile broadband network - is getting faster with 4G."

I love this commercial. It is a far more effective way to tell me that AT&T has a fast network than lulling me to sleep with maps and diatribes on the speed of their network. AT&T picked a great straight man for the part, a pseudo-nerdy looking guy with a booming laugh, who begs you to listen and watch ... waiting until we, too, can be let in on this great joke.

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