Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bing Offers a Cure For Search Overload

Everywhere we go, we are assaulted by messages.  So many messages that sometimes we feel paralyzed. 

So, we go to Google and search for answers. And instead, we get pages and pages and pages of possible solutions, leaving us even more paralyzed than when we started.

How do you cull through all the data to make a decision? 
Just who should you trust?

In steps Bing ... with a cure for search overload.

With a series of truly funny ads, Bing illustrates how confusing information can be when we receive too much of it. Whether delivered through their supermarket, pregnant, cell phone, stock brokers, or traffic jam ad, Bing intrigues you just enough that you remain focused on the TV all the way to the end of the ad. 

Then the payout.

A super comes across the screen, laying out the problem: 

What has search overload done to us?

Then the solution:

Bing & Decide

I absolutely love this campaign.  A meaningful message poignantly delivered with a twist of humor. Bull's eye.

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