Thursday, June 2, 2011

Activia Lies To Mexican Consumers

"Release yourself from constipation."
"Release yourself from constipation."
"Release yourself from constipation."
Mexico seems to be on a roll lately with advertising that breaks through the clutter ... or, in this case, breaks through, well, bowel blockage.

According to Dannon's website, the company that produces Activia yogurt and this ad campaign, the probiotics contained in Activia help regulate your digestive system.

Very interesting analogy of farm animals to constipation. What are they trying to tell us? That when you're constipated, you look like a pig? Or you feel like a cow? Or you smell like a sheep?

I get the visual image of a large animal trying to fit through a very tiny hole, but that's where my understanding of this ad begins to fade.

But, my fundamental issue with this ad goes much deeper.

Let's chat about the promise that is inferred within this campaign ... eating Activia yogurt will help relieve you of your nagging constipation problems.

Activia has been under attack for some time, both in the private sector where lawsuits are occurring and in the public sector where the Federal Trade Commission has taken Dannon to task over their claim that probiotics help improve digestive health. According to this referenced article, "The Federal Trade Commission ruled there's not enough evidence to back up those statements, and now the French-based company has to pay up - big time. That means $21 million in settlements with state and federal regulators."

According to Ads of the World, this campaign just broke in April 2011, suggesting that Dannon has opted for an unethical approach to advertising within the Mexican market. While the FTC will ensure that U.S. consumers are no longer subjected to misleading advertising claims by Activia, our Mexican neighbors do not have the same luxury.

Shame on you, Dannon.

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