Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ford Edge Does A Turnaround

The 2011 Ford Edge is definitely a step up from its previous model, which was introduced to the market in 2007.  Ford touts that there are 10,000 commands at your fingertips. A few additional cool features include MyFord Touch and the Rear View Camera.

It was the Rear View Camera feature that Ford wanted to emphasize in the Mexican market with the above ad. The message is clear and poignant with an image of the Ford Edge actually turning back on itself.

Being a new owner of an Edge, I must say that the rear view camera feature is crazy-cool. No more scanning of the rear view and side mirrors, hoping that I won't drive off the driveway into the grass.

Great advertising and great vehicle (at least so far).


  1. I think the rear view camera is a very upscale feature considering the affordability of the Edge. I drive a luxury car and mine doesn't even have a camera...

  2. I drive a Ford Edge. Recently, I had to take it into the dealership to have some work done. The dealership provided me with a Ford Fusion. I was rather surprised to find that the back-up camera was also on this car, which is far from being a luxury car. Very interesting strategy by Ford.


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