Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ITALY: Can't Fend Off Fendi

This evening, I was meandering the streets of Venice, enjoying the old architecture, the cobblestoned streets, and the canal-view restaurants, when I looked up and saw this billboard. Interestingly, on all the streets that I had walked, this was the only billboard I saw...or at least the only one I noticed.

I must admit that while it is a relatively appealing billboard, it felt totally out of place on these charming Venician streets. To be frank, I was enjoying a break from the "outer world," where taxis honk their horns, cars dodge pedestrians, and billboards hawk their wares. In a sense, I felt like I had warped back in time to a gentler, kinder world where people cared about more than the brand name of their sunglasses.

But, on all other fronts, the charming city of Venice did not disappoint.

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