Wednesday, June 8, 2011

VW Piñata Hangs Tough

You're watching one of your favorite TV shows when a commercial comes on. Time to grab a snack or to make a restroom visit.

But, before you even have a chance to leave the room, a young blonde boy grabs your attention by smacking a piñata. Hard. And just like the Energizer bunny, he keeps hitting and hitting and hitting. As time wears on, he becomes more and more aggressive ... to no avail.

I think to myself, "Now this boy has a lot of rage inside of him."  Since I am often watching Criminal Minds when this ad comes on, the words "budding serial killer" wade unabated into the fringes of my brain, without permission from the kinder side of my brain.

Finally, this young lad gives up, mystified as to why his efforts have not opened up the treasure trove of goodies nestled deep inside the piñata truck.

Everybody stands by mute. What to do now?

Then, the gentle movement of the breeze turns the piñata truck and we see a VW insignia on its grill. A super comes up: "Built like a Volkswagen. The 2011 Tiguan." 

My husband and I laughed out loud the first time we saw this ad. Love it, love it, love it.

Unfortunately, VW vehicles are just not built for those of us who are over 6'0" tall (myself included).

But, thanks for the laugh anyway.

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