Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jilted Lover Advertises Girlfriend's Abortion

In a rather shocking usage of the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, a 35-year-old New Mexico man - Greg Fultz - lashed out at his ex-girlfriend who allegedly had an abortion against his wishes.

This public display of exercising freedom of speech has resulted in a legal debate of epic proportions. At what point does freedom of speech step over the boundary and invade someone's right to privacy? Or at the very least, when does it become unethical or immoral to speak your piece?

Not surprisingly, Fultz's ex-lover has taken him to court, claiming harassment and violation of her privacy. While Fultz's billboard cannot legally be removed, a court official has recommended that he remove it. But, Fultz's attorney, Todd Holmes, doesn't agree, stating: 

"As distasteful and offensive as the sign may be to some, 
for over 200 years in this country 
the First Amendment protects distasteful and offensive speech."   

Friends have lined up behind the defamed woman claiming she did not have an abortion, but rather that she had a natural miscarriage.

Whether you are anti-abortion or pro-abortion, this billboard brings the issue of privacy in this country front-and-center. While I am a staunch advocate of exercising the first amendment right, one has to question the morality of what Greg Fultz has done. In my mind, he has clearly walked over the line in publicly denouncing his ex-girlfriend's alleged abortion.

What do you think?

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