Sunday, February 13, 2011

#5: Pepsi Max Is Turned Into A Weapon

Capturing the #5 spot in the USA Today Super Bowl poll is the second of the Pepsi Max Spots, Love Is In The Air.

In this ad, Pepsi Max offers a rather in-your-face view of a wife encouraging her man to eat right. It starts with her kicking him under the restaurant table, encouraging him to order a fruit cup. As he's getting ready to dig into a cream pie, she walks by and thrusts his face right smack into the cream. Caught red-handed sneaking some junk food while hiding out in the bathtub, she replaces his gooey burger (which is already in his mouth) with a bar of soap.

In the last scene, he is sitting on a park bench opening a can of Pepsi Max when his wife sidles up alongside him. Instead of taking it from him - as she has with all the other food he's tried to eat - she cracks open her own can of Pepsi Max, smiles, and takes a deep swallow. As he sits there in disbelief, she says, "Pepsi Max. Zero Calories."

Just then, an attractive young lady jogs up and sits down on the bench right next to theirs. She gives the husband a quick once-over, offering him a cute wave and a coy little smile. He unabashedly stares back at her with appreciation. Taking in the scene, his wife throws the can of Pepsi Max at his head, only to have him duck, squarely hitting the jogger in the head. She crumbles to the ground, clearly hurt by the can.

They grab each other's hands and run from the scene of the crime.

Sue's Grade: B-
I thought this was a mildly amusing ad; however, I must admit that the violence did not sit well with me. While the point of Pepsi Max being a dieter's dream - no calories, no sacrifice - came through loudly, I kept wincing as the wife so resoundingly abused her husband time after time. 

Plus, I must ask the obvious: is it smart for Pepsi to turn the Pepsi Max can into a weapon?

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