Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tied for #1: Dog Sitter Throws Bud Light Party

Tied for the #1 spot in the USA Today Super Bowl poll is the Dog Sitter Bud Light spot.

The spot opens with last minute instructions being given to the dog sitter. "They're really smart. They'll do whatever you tell them." Then, almost as an afterthought, "Oh and there's a ton of Bud Light in the fridge."

Of course, that leads us to the inevitable.

Fast forward to a hopping party where dogs are doing whatever the dog sitter tells them to do ... because they are really smart dogs, remember? Spinning records. Tapping beer. Carrying a tray of beers around the party.

Talented dogs. Plenty of Bud Light. A party in the making. What's not to like?

Sue's Grade: A
Cute. Simple. Effective. 
Enough said.


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