Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tied For #1: Pug Goes For Doritos

Tied for the #1 spot in the USA Today Super Bowl poll is the Doritos spot with the cute pug dog.

This was the first Super Bowl ad I remember seeing, so it was strangely quiet as everyone's Super Bowl Advertising Antenna went up. You didn't need much sound to follow the sequence of this ad.

Man taunts dog with Doritos.
Dog charges man with Doritos.
Dog knocks down door and man.
Dog snatches Doritos.

Case closed.

Sue's Grade: A
This was a good start to the Super Bowl. Little did I know at that time that few ads would be as entertaining as this one. Easy-to-follow and get: don't taunt someone with Doritos unless you are prepared for them to take them.

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