Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#9: Bridgestone Beaver Befriends

Holding the #9 position in the USA Today poll is Bridgestone's Beaver ad.

The spot opens to show a beaver who is carrying a branch across the road, clearly preparing to construct his newest dam, when, lo and behold, a car comes careening around the corner heading straight for the beaver.

The beaver shrieks! His little paws reach to the sky. His life flashes before his eyes - what is to become of me?

But, the attentive driver swerves, missing the beaver by mere inches.  When the driver glances in his rear view mirror, the beaver salutes him, as if to say, "Thanks buddy for saving my life."

Flash forward six months. Same driver. Same beaver. Same road.

A surly storm is underway. A tree crashes into the road. The driver screeches to a halt, narrowly missing the tree. As he exits his car, he sees the bridge he was just about to cross be swept away.

The camera zooms in on the beaver and the stubby trunk of the tree he just gnawed off to miraculously fall in front of the car ... saving the life of the driver.

A gesture of love passes between the beaver and the driver.

Voice-over: "It's Bridgestone ... or nothing." 

Sue's Grade: C+

- Nice storytelling, but left me wondering who this ad was for
- In fact, I thought it was for a high-performance car
- It took a few viewings to understand all the nuances of the story 
- But, the ad gets a few points for a really cute beaver

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