Friday, February 11, 2011

#7: Pepsi Max Takes You Inside a First Date

As an official sponsor of the NFL, we saw a lot of Pepsi Max last Sunday. In fact, they earned two of the top 10 spots in the USA Today Super Bowl poll. Capturing #7 was the first date ad.

The spot opens with a young lady and young man eating dinner in a restaurant. You can feel the tension as they nervously glance back and forth at each other. You wonder - is this a first date? Perhaps.

Soon, you become privy to their thoughts.

The young woman's mind is filled with a myriad of thoughts, "I wonder how much money he makes?" "I wonder if he loves his mother?" "I wonder if he'll lose his hair?" "I wonder if he wants kids?" "I wonder if he's the one?" Her animated face changes with each question, making you wonder what the young man is thinking as he looks at her rather poetic face.

But, alas, we don't have to wonder for long because soon we enter into the single-dimensioned mind of the male: "I want to sleep with her. I want to sleep with her. I want to sleep with her. I want to sleep with her."

In the middle of his tirade, the waiter delivers a can of Pepsi Max to the young lady.

The young man's mantra is immediately altered to "I want a Pepsi Max. I want a Pepsi Max. I want a Pepsi Max."

The woman ESPs a simple three-word thought over to this young guy, "Not a chance!"

His reply?

"Damn," followed quickly by, "Wait, which one?"

Super: Pepsi Max. Zero Calories. Maximum Pepsi Taste.

Sue's Grade: B+
- Cute and comical.
- Amazingly on-tack: single-minded male versus multitasking female.
- Great job on hiring the talent - both have really expressive faces.
- Since the dialogue was so important to the spot, I found that I missed the point of the ad on Super Bowl Sunday when there was a lot of commotion and noise. It wasn't until I watched it on YouTube the following day that I understood and appreciated the spot!

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