Thursday, May 19, 2011

McDonald's Shares Happy Tales & Happy Meals

McDonald's has taken a bold step into the world of animated fantasy with their most recent ad campaign.

In the first ad, called Suzi Van Zoom, we witness the tale of a young girl learning to ride her bike without training wheels. Her adventures take her from the zoo, where she meets adorable giraffes, elephants and gazelles, to the far reaches of Timbuktu. At the end of her bike ride, she takes a McDonald's break to enjoy lunch with her new zoo friends. Interestingly, the first head nod to McDonald's doesn't occur until 12 seconds into the ad when the golden arches make a very subtle debut.

In the second ad, entitled Apple Tree, a cute white "Twitter like" bird flies through the seasons of the year.  Summer arrives and the buds on the tree blossom, giving birth to new apples. Magically (at 23 seconds), the nest transforms into a McDonald's box, which is filled with healthy looking apples.

Interesting campaign. Throughout most of the two ads, I was engaged by the playful music and the soft and dreamy images (although the girl was a tad strange for my tastes). Plus, I found myself wondering ... whose advertising is this?

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to admit that I had to watch the scenes unfold several times before I was able to truly understand the storyline. But I suspect that McDonald's ad budget will allow all of us the opportunity to see these ads several times...

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