Sunday, May 1, 2011

"My Best Fit" Sizes Women Up

If you're anything like me, shopping for clothes isn't always such a great experience. You take several pieces of clothing - which are the same exact size - into the dressing room.  Some fit well. Some are too tight. Some are too loose.

How can clothing that is the same size have so much variability in the way they fit???

That is exactly the question a company called My Best Fit sought to find an answer to. After much effort and research, they are offering up a solution that is guaranteed to streamline the clothes buying process. offers an easy three-step process to finding clothes from 30 major retailers, including American Eagle, Gap, Levis, Mavi, Old Navy, and Talbots, among others, that will be a perfect fit ... every time.

1) A body imaging system scans your fully clothed body for 10 seconds
2) Mybestfit™ matches your measurements to clothes that will fit your shape
3) A Shopping Guide recommends the best fitting styles for your body

Currently, this equipment is only available at the King of Prussia mall in Pennsylvania. But, the excitement it seems to be generating will likely lead to other installations in the near future.

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