Monday, May 2, 2011

Tropicana Is Wired To Have Fun

Oranges have long been thought of as a great addition to anyone's diet. Among other things, they are loaded with Vitamin C, providing tons of natural energy. 

Inspired by the natural goodness of oranges, Tropicana along with their agency partner DDB Paris, decided to take the concept of natural energy one step further.

Together, they created a billboard completely powered by oranges. Yes, you heard me right ... oranges.

Approximately 2,500 oranges were fastened to a wood billboard with zinc and copper spikes. The natural acidity of the orange juice dissolved the metals, causing the electrons to react and form an electrical current.

Voila! Oranges are transformed into electricity!

The Tropicana Energie Naturelle billboard is accompanied by a YouTube campaign which unveils the science behind making Tropicana's "beautiful sparks."

Inventive. Intriguing. Fun.

Anyone interested in buying an orange-powered hybrid?

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