Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Old Navy Beckons Ladies To Raise The Cuff

A few months ago, Old Navy rolled out an ad campaign showcasing their new ankle jeans. The ad opens with a musical number, telling viewers, "Ladies, it's time to raise the cuff." This ad is one of a series focused on reinforcing Old Navy's new tagline ... Turn Up Today!

According to the Music Industry Report, Old Navy is launching new original styles alongside new original musical hits, taking a step into the hallowed halls of pop music. The goal of this campaign is to engage their target - women 25-35 years who are often moms - on a more emotional basis.

"Combining music and fashion, 
Old Navy invites customers to participate in a campaign 
rooted in music video commercials and 
downloadable Old Navy branded songs
about the brand’s target customer
and the must-have looks of the season."

Employing the concept of 360 branding, the campaign will be brought to life in advertising, stores, online, Facebook, and on mobile devices.

Now, I realize that I gave up the right to call myself the Old Navy target some years ago, but I can't help but wonder if 25-35 year olds find this ad a bit corny. True, it is lighthearted and original but I feel a bit like I'm watching a Broadway musical gone bad.

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