Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sete Léguas Staves Off Enemies of Feet

With an average temperature falling within the range of 63-84 degrees Fahrenheit (17-29 Celsius), it's no surprise that Brazilians are often found walking barefoot on the beach or decked out in their latest Havaianas.  But, just like any other country in the world, there are times when sandal-clad feet are just not appropriate.

In steps Sete Léguas (aka Seven Leagues), a brand of Brazilian boots with a reputation for safety. Consumers across Brazil are seen wearing these boots while working in hospitals, industrial kitchens, gas stations and farms. 

Question: How do you convince someone to protect their feet with Sete Léguas boots?

Answer: You create a stunning print and outdoor campaign that reminds consumers that their feet have a lot of enemies in the workplace.

No doubt, the beauty of this ad campaign breaks through the clutter, dreamily drawing you in to learn more.  The 2010 Cannes Lion International Festival agreed, awarding a bronze metal to Sete Léguas for this campaign.

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