Sunday, November 21, 2010

AT&T Brings You the 57th President of the U.S.

In their most recent commercial, AT&T brings you the 57th president of the United States. When one considers that President Obama is #44 and that each president serves a four-year term, AT&T is offering the promise of a president 52 years from now.

And just how are they doing that?

Through AT&T technology, of course.  A smart telephone allows a young man - who happens to capture the gaze of a beautiful woman on a train - to quickly change his tickets and to join her on that train ride to ... who knows where?  Through a series of flashbacks, that meeting blossoms into love, a wedding, a pregnancy, birthdays, and happy family times with a young boy who turns out to be the 57th President of the United Staes.

I have seen this commercial at least five or six times and I still smile every time I see it.  And the funny thing about this ad, is that it actually could happen.  The right technology in the right hands of the right person at the right point in time, and voila! a life is irreversibly changed.

Nice job AT&T.

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