Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yellow Tail: Can You Gobble Wine?

I have been a fan of Yellow Tail's advertising for years. Its virtual simplicity and its consistent execution through all mediums has effectively helped to make the Yellow Tail brand iconic.

Whether it be the print ads shown here, or TV executions like Godzilla, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing what item was going to be sporting a yellow tail next.

So, it's disturbing to me that Yellow Tail made such a departure from their iconic advertising. It would be nice to say that Yellow Tail's most recent Thankssgiving commercial just fell a bit flat. But, in truth, it filled me with a sense of loathing for the brand.

Plus, it didn't even make sense. The ad's tagline, "Great wine. Great Price. Gobble it up." left a question circling in my mind: Who the heck gobbles wine? defines the word gobble as follows:

To swallow or eat hastily or hungrily in large pieces.

Get it Yellow Tail? To gobble means to eat not to drink.

Maybe it's time to re-hire the agency that brought you the wonderful yellow tail advertising that made you the best selling import wine in the U.S.

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